Our Story

Wedding Essentials was born out of looking at the fine detail for any special occasion or event that you are planning. The fine detail can be time consuming, very thought provoking and quite intense. With lots of guests, knowing where to purchase all what you need from the same location can be daunting or potentially impossible. It really matters when your guests take their place having taken so much time to ensure things are perfect.

You will want them to be left with an outstanding memory of the whole experience. This includes the seating arrangements and fine detail which is the one area most of the time your guests will spend enjoying their time on this fantastic occasion.

As part of the whole experience, once seated the detail and setting will not go unnoticed and becomes an integral part of the whole occasion. So much so there are usually many talking points around the detail and how fabulous the presentation is. Just what you would wish for

Why have the offering

Several years ago I had the privilege of being able to take responsibility of arranging my own wedding. This was from the venue, cars, catering and so it went on. I found however when it came to the fine detail, where the guest were going to sit, the table setting,the name cards, the type of covering for the tables, the actual centrepiece, napkins etc became much more difficult. Even more so was where to source those things from with the number of people involved. More daunting was having a themed day, escalating costs and becoming more complicated by the minute. What I found easier was the larger aspects such as the venue, catering, cars etc. What became somewhat of a nightmare was the finer detail requirements.

Part of today’s life is making sure, as with all things in life, that the financials are kept in line with expectations.I managed to do that, but with so much moving from place to place and even with the power of the internet and lots and lots of time spent doing so, what was exciting to begin with wasn’t pleasurable anymore.

The aim of setting up the company is based around my experience and to give people the opportunity to Hire the expertise I have gained over the years as well as the wonderful items we have. We work in just the same way as when I undertook my own wedding. Keeping the costs to a minimum whilst guiding, supporting and minimising stress. A no worry, and happy couple is what we aim for by removing that stress through caring about the individuals in detailed planning.
As a company we are there to assist you and show you what is possible; it’s still about you choosing what you wish for on the special occasion. We want you you stay in control of your financials and not have the stress out of looking, but the joy out of browsing and fun in choosing.
This way you can continue to concentrate on the special occasion that is taking place in the near future. The beauty of it all is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.

Once we have put all the ideas together, we will manage the whole process from start to finish creating the plan for you. The fine detail with dates and times are all completed, finalised and agreed so you can concentrate on your wedding plans.