Our Story

Wedding Essentials was born initially out of looking at the fine detail for any special occasion or event that you are planning. This can be time consuming,thought provoking and quite intense.With deadlines to consider, planning to arrange and many guests to look after, the whole process can become somewhat difficult to manage. Wedding Essentials has the expertise to partner with you, brining a unique approach,styling and innovation whilst managing your finances in order that they are kept from spiralling out of control.

As part of the whole experience in going it alone, it was very noticeable that time was a huge factor in ensuring we had everything in place on time. It turned out to be a close run thing.

Several years ago I had the privilege of being able to take responsibility of arranging my own wedding. This ranged from finding and arranging the venue, cars, catering and many other items as well you can imagine. nt on. I found however when it came to the fine detail this became much more difficult. The breakfast area was indeed a critical and centre piece of the wedding which needed to be faultless.

Even more so was where to source all those classic interior matching items with the number of guests attending. More daunting was the fact we were having a themed event,this essentially escalated the costs,became much more complicated and much more stressful.

Part of today’s life is making sure, as with all things in life, that the financials are kept in line with expectations.I managed to do that by the skin of my teeth, but only after hunting on internet sites, going from place to place and so on. What originally was very exciting to begin with wasn’t pleasurable anymore.

The aim of setting up wedding essentials was based around my experience and to give people the opportunity to be supported, guided and have as little stress in the lead up to their wedding/event as possible. Having experienced what I did and now some years on I can draw on that and with the partnership plan thoroughly removing that stress. This will enable you to enjoy the forthcoming event,and equally keep your finances wrapped in cotton wool to Hire the expertise I have gained over the years as well as the wonderful items we have. We work in just the . A no worry, and happy couple/ event organiser is what we aim for by removing that stress through caring about the individuals we work with. People first and foremost
I hope you have found the information, and the shared experience of value. If you believe wedding essentials is able to assist you, please take the time to complete the form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements