The company has been established to support, guide and look after the bride and groom through a critical stage of the whole wedding process. In our experience the Wedding Breakfast centre piece can bring its own difficulties to make decisions about and we have given some examples below of what you may have to encounter. The finer detail which can be intricate, difficult to gauge and get right, along with being very time consuming is why we have become adept in supporting the bride and groom. Taking the stress away from you and bringing a balance back to you looking at the fantastic day that is nearing.

As the venue is a critical part of your wedding day, the centre piece and fine details has to look the part. Wedding Essentials thrives on making that experience for you just that, the experience you wont forget. We engage with you guiding and planning the centre piece experience for the wedding breakfast table where your guests will spend the majority of their time. You will want it to look as fantastic as the rest of your day is going to be, which will compliment everything else that has gone so well.

Our experience will give you the ideas for the particular venue you have chosen with a variety of centre piece offerings ensuring the conversations about your chosen ideas are as pleasurable as the day itself

The starting point is the very centre piece itself, from there we work our way outwards. We ensure that it is tailored in each area on what you wish for and not on a package where the offering is an all for one scenario based on numbers. The company want you to keep the control of what it is you wish to have in place from the comfort of your own home.

The Wedding Breakfast Table Decisions that need to be made

Decision about table style… Round, Oblong.. Square… what size. How many people on each table

Centre Piece… Decision about what to have as a centre piece… Candelabra…. Flower arrangement… Geometric shape…. Dome effect with lighting….. and much more

Table covering…. What colour, what length, pattern, plain or other

Napkins… Matching or not.

Napkin Rings… Yes or No

Don’t forget the children….. How are you going to keep them entertained.. A small game.. drawing book

Table Numbers… What are the to be made from… do you have a theme…

Favours….. Are you having them…. Do they need to match anything or be placed in anything

Name placements…. What are they to be made of…. Do you have a theme…