Wedding Essentials

Wedding Essentials is an innovative bespoke planning service for weddings, corporate and other events

Offering creative styling,bespoke ideas and a thoughtful caring relationship, Wedding Essentials will meet the needs of your special day or the forthcoming event with unique and exciting ideas.Attention to detail, first class service and keeping your finances wrapped in cotton wool are key elements of what we do.If our service sounds exciting, welcome,you have come to the right place.

Wedding Essentials will plan your journey with you,bringing all your ideas and thoughts together ensuring when the day arrives everything that has been planned runs smoothly.

We know only too well how costly weddings and events are. Costs can soon escalate and spiral out of control without planning,which is where our expertise,guidance and support will assist you with the financial aspects for the special day.

At Wedding Essentials the bespoke service ensures you are only paying for the services you need and not for a "catch all" number of people package. Our experience has without doubt shown us that having a tailored and bespoke package can and does keep the finances under control and monies spent in the right areas means the costs don't escalate.

Having a bespoke service means we can taylor all the niche and individual aspects of your event whilst being creative at the same time. The partnership means that time is spent effectively and creatively within the comfort of your own environment giving you the time to make those decisions in comfort.


We will keep you informed all the way through the planning stages and confirm everything in writing to you ensuring that you have all the information to hand.This will make sure you do not have any worries or concerns about the planning stages and will allow you to concentrate on enjoying the lead up to the wonderful event that is about to take place.

We will deliver to your exacting requirements with the detail we have planned, making sure you don't have to worry about anything going forward. If you wish for us to do so we can provide the on site service to ensure continuity from start to finish.That additional support on the day will allow you the freedom away from having to answer questions about things that may intrude on your wonderful day or event.We can assist the guests if you so wish in guiding them to the right area and answering any queries they may have.This will take away any pressure and worries for you whilst we are in the background.
This is quite a unique service in many ways as it is offered without any costs attached to it.Our belief is that we have fulfilled our commitment to you and you have enjoyed your wedding/event at the end of the day.Once we know that we you are happy and pleased with how everything has gone we will be over the moon for you,that in turn means we will also be very pleased with the personalised and bespoke service Wedding Essentials has provided.

Some wedding themes for you to consider can be viewed at your leisure at range and variation of themes changes from year to year but it is often the case that couples are happy to stay with traditional themes.Wedding essentials can support and take away that fear factor through planning,innovation and mutual trust.

Your ideal theme can be achieved through the planning stages well in advance of your event.Some couples theme is that they do not have one at all. This is quite common place which may surprise many couples.
A rustic theme is shown below.This was a common theme for 2018 and very effective

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